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Full-Services Law Firm in New Orleans, LA 

When you need a personal injury or family-related legal advice, turn to the skilled team at Remy Law Firm in New Orleans, LA. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling both uncontested and courtroom cases. With a solid reputation for successful trial outcomes, our team is always prepared to represent your needs in court.


Our family and personal injury attorneys also understand the value of mediation and negotiation in reaching a settlement for your case. This extensive experience allows our team to apply the approach that is best suited to your individual situation.


Over 26 Years of Helping Clients

With more than 26 years of experience, our firm has assisted thousands of clients in dealing with their divorce or injury issues. We have built the foundation of our firm on our passion and meticulous preparation to always ensure you are ready to deal with your legal issues.


From preparing you for the trial to discussing mediation plans to settle out of court, our attorneys strive to provide you with the passionate representation you need. Our family law attorneys are also committed to protecting the interests of your children when dealing with divorce or child custody cases. This way, both you and your children receive the complete support you need while dealing with your situation.


Flat Fee Billing

At our firm, we offer traditional hourly and contingency billing arrangements. In addition to these, we also provide flat fee arrangements that allow you to know the full cost of your divorce or personal injury case upfront. Contact us to learn more about our billing structure or to discuss your situation with our family or medical malpractice lawyers.


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