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Louisiana Child Support Law

Generally speaking, the parent that does not have custody, or does not have primary physical custody in joint custody situations will have to contribute to the support of minor children.

If you are seeking child support or if you are actively trying to enforce an existing order, our New Orleans Family Lawyers can help you. Throughout our 26 years in practice, we have gained skills and abilities that allow us to better fight for you in the court room. The attorneys at Remy Law Firm have been in the court room thousands of times, and we want to help you. Our attorneys have presented child support cases to most of the courts in the Southeast Louisiana area, and we have gained knowledge about each one and how they operate. Remy Law Firm will present a detailed and unique case to the court for you in order to obtain, modify or enforce a child support order.

How Child Support is Calculated in Louisiana

The amount of child support in Louisiana that one pays or receives depends primarily on the number of children, the custody agreement, and both of the parent’s income. The court will look at the combined monthly income of the parents and if it’s $40,000.00 or less the court will consult a statutory table that will determine the amount of basic child support that the non-domiciliary parent will pay to the domiciliary parent (the domiciliary parent is the parent that the child primarily lives with.)

In cases where the parents have equal physical custody (child spends equal time with both parents,) the court will make a different calculation that is based on this custody arrangement. In addition to the basic child support amount, the parents will owe a share of certain expenses that are based on their percentage share of the total monthly income. These expenses include but are not limited to the following:

  • Child Care Cost

  • Medical  Insurance Premiums

  • Private School Tuition

  • Extraordinary Medical Expenses

  • Cost Involved in Transportation between Parents

  • Extracurricular Activities

A court may increase or decrease child support payments if it finds that it is in the best interest of the children or the court could find that a payment may be unfair to a parent. This is why it is so important to have an experienced Family Lawyer advise you on child support matters.

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Remy Law Firm will help you obtain an award of child support, enforce a child support order or make modifications to an existing child support order.

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We offer flat fee billing so that there are no surprises when paying for your child support matter.

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