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Private and Intrafamily Adoptions in Louisiana

Adoption is a process in which one individual takes on the role of parenting for another, and permanently removes all rights and responsibilities from the original parent(s) and gives them to the adopting parent(s).


There are several different forms of adoption in the state of Louisiana. Regardless of which type of adoption you are thinking about, qualification for adopting a child includes being a single person age 18 or older for private or intra family adoptions.


A private adoption in the state of Louisiana is solely between the adoptive parents and the birth parents and does not involve an agency. A significant factor that distinguishes this type of adoption from others is that the prospective adopting parents seek the advice of an attorney rather than working with an agency.


Many people pursue private adoptions because they have already sought out the family that they wish to adopt their child. If this is the case for you, here at Remy Law Firm we can help you take the next step in the adoption process.


There are some significant reasons people choose private adoptions, some include:

  • On average, lower costs because not as many people are involved  

  • Quicker and more flexible process

  • Adopting parents do not have as many requirements placed on them



Simply put, an intra family adoption is an adoption within an existing family. It is most commonly seen when a step-parent wants to adopt a child of their spouse.


Who can file for intra family adoption?

In Louisiana, according to Article 1243 of Children’s Code, “A stepparent, stepgrandparent, great-grandparent, grandparent, or collaterals within the twelfth degree may petition to adopt a child...”


The adoption may or may not be granted due to a number of factors. Generally, the best interest of the child is the deciding factor. In many cases, a home study may have to be conducted in order to determine eligibility for adoption.


What is a home study?

A home study is a process that the state of Louisiana utilizes to determine an individual’s suitability to adopt a child. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • A national background check

  • Interviews with each member of your household

  • Family history and background

  • History of adoption applications

  • At least two in-home visits

  • Reason you want the adoption


What is the difference between an open and closed adpotion?


The birth parents and the adoptive parents can exchange information and be in contact with each other if it is in the interest of the parties involved.



In a closed adoptive, no information that identifies any parties will be exchanged. This information includes but is not limited to first and last names, addresses, etc.


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